This website is about you.  About friendship, about tradition, about honoring promises in the movie business and beyond it!!

All good movies are about you, and you deserve better than to be left in the dust when someone like Costner’s Jake from Silverado (Columbia, 1985) yells out to end a thriller:

“We’ll Be Back!!!!”

Well, I’ve written a great script, Return to Silverado.  It’s got friendship, romance, border relations and all the fun you could have in 1913.

I look forward to you seeing it!!!  C’mon Columbia/Sony, let’s have that promised party, 30 years later!!!!

“It’s never too late to make amends and do right…”

–Bill Watkins



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  1. Let’s get Silverado back. I loved this movie. To my knowledge the only one that has passed is Brian De the corrupt Sheriff/Marshall. I am so looking forward to the sequel fore, Kevin Costner (Jake) said we’ll be back.

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